On your own?

Graduation Planning

Tying the knot?

Marriage Financial Planning

Pre Retirement?

Pre Retirement Planning


Retirement Planning

Financial Planning for the 21st Century

Whatever your financial goals, we will work to develop a financial plan that is tailored to you.

On Your Own

The On Your Own plan targets recent graduates who are joining the workforce for the first time but haven't yet gotten married or started families.

Tying the Knot

This stage of life usually involves some asset growth and the need to merge two separate budgets. We'll remind these clients of the importance of living within their means as they save for the future.

New Arrival

Once a couple is established and ready to start a family (or has just started one!), it's time for the New Arrival plan.


Those who are in the full swing of work and family life will want to purchase our Pre-Retirement Plan.


With the children grown, career completed and retirement lifestyle likely already defined, it's time to purchase our Retirement Plan.


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David E. Smyth | Senior Partner, Family Financial Planning

David E. Smyth

Senior Partner, Family Financial Partners

Alexander M. Roig | Senior Partner, Family Financial Planning

Alexander M. Roig

Senior Partner, Family Financial Partners

James Scott Downing | Wealth Advisor, Family Financial Planning

Brandon Schleter

Wealth Advisor, Family Financial Partners


Jeff Garstka

Investment Representative, Family Financial Partners